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Company History

Originating as Lowham Engineering in 1997, our company specialized in applied hydrologic science and water resource analysis. In 2010 we responded to growing market demand by reestablishing as Lowham Walsh LLC, becoming a member company of E&E, Inc., to deliver an extensive range of environmental engineering services throughout the western United States.


Lowham Walsh LLC - Present

Lowham Walsh LLC is a technical consulting firm for civil and environmental engineering design, analyses, and implementation. We provide a wide range of environmental services including:

  • Hydrologic analysis and streamgaging, reservoir design
  • Permitting, design and monitoring for oil and gas, landfills, and mining activities
  • Air quality
  • Industrial hygiene investigations
  • Site assessment and permitting requirements; NEPA
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping and analyses


Office Locations

The Lowham Walsh LLC office is located in Lander, WY.  Additionally, we have staff in a member-company office based in Salt Lake City, UT.