Lowham Walsh assists industries to comply with federal, state, and local air pollution regulations in the United States. Our services include major and minor source permitting; updating and maintaining emission inventory programs; and ambient monitoring. We offer turnkey permitting for upstream oil and gas production facilities—to provide clients with a cost-effective solution for routine permitting requirements. For more complex projects, Lowham Walsh’s team of engineers, modelers, and legal analysts provide efficient and effective permitting solutions in a changing regulatory climate.


  • Air Permitting
  • Compliance & Auditing 

Select Projects:

  • Compliance assistance and permitting services for oil and gas clients, WY & MT
  • Emission inventory services for oil and gas clients, WY
  • Fugitive component surveys for upstream oil and gas, UT
  • Broad based energy audits and management for greenhouse gas emissions, CO
  • Evaluation emission impact for power plant conversion, WA
  • Project management for coal gasification development sites, VA, IN and NY
  • Air quality project management and permitting IGCC Clean Coal Plants, DE, NY, and CT
  • Environmental impact statement and reporting for offshore natural gas client, CA
  • Draft EIS and permit application for innovative technology pilot project, NY
  • Resource management planning/EIS for governed natural monument, CO
  • Sampling / analysis for environmental management plans at thermal power plants, Peru