Lowham Walsh provides a wide range of ecological services in restoration, environmental planning and design, wildlife ecology, plant ecology, aquatic ecology, geomorphology, and wetland science. This unique diversity of experience allows us to draw from a multi-disciplinary pool of knowledge for innovative solutions to project issues.

Select projects:

  • Ruby Pipeline Wildlife and Vegetation Surveys and Monitoring, WY, UT, NV, OR
  • Special Status Species Surveys and Habitat Assessment: Red Butte Research Natural Area, Salt Lake County, UT
  • Gannett Peak Elementary Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment, WY
  • Wheatland Wind Farm Wildlife Surveys and Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment
  • Brush Creek Ranch Stewardship Plan
  • Campbell Hill Wind Farm – Natural Resource Surveys and Analysis & Socioeconomic Analysis
  • Wyoming Statewide Biological Assessments for City of Lander – Middle Fork Popo Agie River Flood Survey & Restoration
  • Soil Investigation & Spill Characterization & Cleanup, Jonah Field & Powder River  Basin, WY
  • Road Base Sampling & Application Permit, Powder River Basin, WY
  • FCSWDD Environmental Monitoring, WY
  • CBNG Ground Water Sampling, WY, ID, MT
  • The Bear Project – Resolution of Ecological Issues for 404 Permit
  • Craven Creek Wind Farm Ecological Assessment
  • Sidney-La Grange Wind Farm Projects
  • BLM NEPA Document Preparation
  • Ute Ladies-Tresses Orchid Survey near Evanston, WY
  • The Bear Project – Resolution of Ecological Issues for 404 Permit
  • Wyoming Statewide Biological Assessments for White-tailed Prairie Dog
  • Vegetation Monitoring & Management in the Powder River Basin, WY
  • Reservoir Site Reclamation Planning & Construction Oversight in the Powder River Basin, WY
  • Pesticide Application Mapping, CO
  • Floodplain Permitting, including City Requirements and FEMA Remapping for Potential Oxbow Fill on Little Bitter Creek, WY
  • BLM Federal Water Management Plans and Plans of Development

Reservoir and Pit Reclamation

Our team drafted the first coalbed methane reservoir reclamation plan to be reviewed by the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality, and have since been approved for many additional projects on behalf of our clients. We have also performed pit reclamation for coalbed methane produced water impoundments through the Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, as well as facilities under BLM primacy. Our team will sample soils according to the specific protocols for each agency, and assures that the constituents analyzed are applicable to the agency requesting the data for review.

Our team can further assist with reclamation oversight, and can prescribe and implement Best Management Practice (BMP) assessments. Lowham Walsh engineers and technicians provide construction oversight for the breach process ranging from:

  • Water quality sampling to ensure released water adheres to discharge standards
  • Corresponding and ensuring all permits are in place with the applicable regulatory authorities
  • Site stability analysis and erosion control mitigation
  • Seed specification and oversight
  • Detailed work plans for dirtwork quantities and material specifications
  • Hydrologic and hydraulic assessments to ensure site is constructed with adequate drainage for natural events
  • Safety reporting and coordination

Ecological Assessments

Our wildlife biologists perform ecological assessments on pipeline projects throughout the Rocky Mountain West.  Most recently, our team identified, monitored and mapped bird nests for the Ruby Pipeline project.