Geography plays an important role in solving problems and displaying data in a way that is easily understood and shared. Lowham Walsh uses the most up-to-date ArcGIS®, and Spatial Analyst XTools Pro to perform the tasks necessary to capture, manage, analyze and display all forms of geographically referenced information for our clients.

A sample of our in-house thematic layers include:

  • U.S.D.A. & F.S.A. – 2006 & 2009 NAIP Color Aerials
  • N.R.C.S. - Soils
  • County Surface Owner
  • B.L.M. - GCDB & PLSS
  • U.S.G.S. - Color Infrared Imagery
  • U.S.G.S. - Topographic Maps
  • U.S.G.S. - DEM & NED (10 meter & 30 meter)
  • U.S.G.S. - National Hydrography Datasets & Hydrologic Units

Access to Digital Globe & GeoEye Remote Sensing Products

Services we provide include:

  • Watershed modeling, channel reconstruction and design
  • Resource mapping and change detection
  • Delineation of watershed boundaries for basin analysis on reservoirs, tributaries and major streams
  • Production and analysis of  reservoirs, spreader dikes, irrigation rights maps
  • CAD / ArcGIS integration tools for conversion of CAD drawings to ArcGIS
  • Develop, maintain, and analyze geodatabases for base maps and reports
  • Identification and ordering of satellite imagery and aerial photography (remoste sensing products)
  • Translation of imagery data to ArcGIS base maps
  • Interpretation and analysis of imagery

Select projects:

  • 2010 Lander Flood Repair Project, WY:  Lowham Walsh produced several pre-flood and post-flood maps using ArcGIS 9.3, showing major and minor contour intervals along the Middle Popo Agie River.
  • 2010 Cresswell Ditch Irrigation, Change of Place of Use Project, WY:  Lowham Walsh incorporated the wishes of a coal bed natural gas (CBNG) producer and the surface owner to keep his existing water rights. This involved research on irrigation water rights, reservoir permits, and the foresight to produce a solution that all parties could agree upon. Lowham Walsh not only produced documents for the State Board of Control, but also generated a geodatabase, new irrigation areas, acreage calculations, and a map for the petition for the change of place of use of the Cresswell Ditch Irrigation using ArcGIS.
  • 2009 Inundation Mapping Project, WY:  Lowham Walsh completed inundation mapping and a GIS geodatabase for the Wyoming State Engineer’s Office.  This Federally funded project was on Upper and Lower Sunshine Reservoir, located in Park County, and Lake DeSmet, in Johnson County, WY.  The inundation maps provided information for an Emergency Action Plan crucial to public safety downstream of high-hazard dams, if a breach were to occur. 
  • Water Resource Monitoring Project, Multiple Companies:  Lowham Walsh collects essential streamflow and water quality data at multiple locations, including runoff associated with intense rainstorms in the Powder River Basin.  We summarize the data to evaluate the impacts of CBNG discharge on the chemistry of stormwater runoff in major ephemeral drainages for multiple companies.  Included in this project is the development and continued maintenance of a geodatabase on all of the sites, including the active U.S. Geological gaging station sites.
  • Enlargement of Bell Nob No.2 Reservoir, Campbell Co. Dept. of Public Works, WY:  Lowham Walsh proposed hazard ratings and breach analysis for the Enlargement of Bell Nob No.2 Reservoir in the city of Gillette, WY.  They converted LIDAR, Federal Emergency Management Agency data, and surveyed cross-section and possible hazard information into a geodatabase for analysis using ArcGIS. Final maps were then produced for the Department of Public Works.
  • Barber Creek Re-channelization, Williams Production RMT, WY:  Lowham Walsh supplied GIS mapping, technical assistance, and review of the re-channelization of a section of Barber Creek located in Campbell County, WY.