Lowham Walsh and our affiliated companies provide environmental planning, permitting and compliance support to oil and gas companies throughout the Rocky Mountains, and internationally.

Our expertise includes:

  • Air Quality Services
  • Due Diligence
  • Project Scoping and Planning
  • Survey and Civil Design of Infrastructure
  • Federal and State Permitting
  • NEPA Compliance
  • Biological Clearance Surveys and Resource Assessments
  • Resource Management Plans and Monitoring
  • Produced Water Consulting
  • Spill Response (SWPPP and SPCC)
  • Reclamation Planning and Implementation

 Select Projects:  

  • Produced water permitting, structure design, and disposal modeling for coalbed methane producing fields, Powder River Basin, WY
  • Road and pad design for projects with BLM primacy, Powder River Basin, WY
  • Pit and discharge channel design and permitting  for produced water, Wind River Basin, WY
  • Post-closure assessment of oilfield landfill, Powder River Basin, WY
  • Federal and State Agency permitting for Impoundments associated with Development of Split Estate Resources - WY
  • Slope stability analysis and reclamation plans for proposed wellpad, Wyoming Overthrust Belt
  • Third party Environmental Assessment (EA) for gas field development, Piceance Basin, CO
  • Spill Contingency Plans for gas field, Piceance Basin, CO
  • Remediation of spills in gas field, Piceance Basin, CO
  • Development of internal HSE audit system for American independent oil company operating in the Piceance Basin, CO
  • Biological surveys for proposed wellpad and access road construction, Piceance Basin, CO
  • Ecological clearances for wellpad construction, Piceance Basin, CO