Lowham Walsh provides engineering and environmental services to solid waste management facilities throughout Fremont County, Wyoming.  Our staff work closely with landfill personnel, the Board of Directors of the Fremont County Solid Waste Disposal District, and the WDEQ/SHWD to ensure that landfill activities are conducted according to current regulatory requirements and quality engineering standards.  Our experience in solid waste management includes permitting, regulatory compliance oversight, and engineering analysis and design with regard to cell construction, waste placement, erosion and surface water control, excavation, and environmental monitoring.

Representative project descriptions: 

  • Dubois Landfill Permit Renewal, Dubois, Wyoming:  Lowham Walsh completed  a comprehensive study of existing information and performed engineering analysis and design in order to produce a current and compliant Renewal Permit for the Dubois Landfill. 
  • Solid Waste Management Engineering Support Services, Fremont County, Wyoming:  Lowham Walsh provides oversight and guidance with regard to construction/excavation, surface water drainage, erosion control, closure and post-closure planning, environmental monitoring and regulatory compliance, as needed, to the Fremont County  Solid Waste Disposal District.
  • Lander Landfill  Permit Renewal, Lander, Wyoming:  Lowham Walsh completed  an exhaustive review of existing information and conducted engineering analysis and design to provide the Fremont County Disposal District with a Renewal Permit for the Lander Landfill in compliance with all applicable rules and regulations. 
  • Environmental Monitoring and Reporting, Fremont County, Wyoming:  Lowham Walsh conducts annual, bi-annual, and quarterly methane gas and groundwater monitoring according to guidelines developed by the WDEQ and in accordance with EPA regulations.
  • Low-Volume, Low-Hazard Transfer Facilities Permitting, Fremont County, Wyoming:  Lowham Walsh prepared and submitted renewal permit documents for seven low-volume, low-hazard transfer facilities located throughout Fremont County. Information associated with each facility was verified and updated, as necessary, in accordance with WDEQ/SHWD rules and regulations.
  • Engineering Analysis, Fremont County, Wyoming:  Lowham Walsh is currently contracted by the Fremont County Solid Waste Disposal District to provide engineering analysis to support design upgrades and operational improvements to three existing transfer stations in Fremont County.  Lowham Walsh conducts research and analysis, and provides design and construction specifications and recommendations with regard to payment capture, safety, security, methods of operation, and environmental mitigation at each site.