Mr. Church received his B.S. in Environmental Economics and M.S. in Rangeland Ecology & Watershed Management/Environment & Natural Resources from the University of Wyoming.  Matt conducts project work related to applied field ecology and ecological restoration. He has worked in close coordination with State and Federal regulatory agencies, oil, gas, and mining industry members to develop native plant restoration and monitoring plans for rangelands disturbed during resource development. Matt conducts biological field surveys and wetland delineations throughout the United States and is also experienced with GIS and field mapping, as well as creating findings reports, environmental permitting, technical and research reports, and proposal preparation.




Mr. Cotterman is currently an engineer in training with a wide array of experience. He received a B.S. in Civil Engineering in the fall of 2015 from the University of Wyoming. He joined Lowham Walsh in January of 2016. Dillon’s experience includes; design work for production water impoundment and remediation, analysis of drainage reports, preparation of Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans, general surveying, and the design of retention basins & drainage networks for storm water runoff. He has provided both survey and drafting support for reservoir permitting and inspection. Dillon is proficient in AutoCAD Civil 3D Drafting and design.







Mr. Lowham received a B.S. in Agricultural Engineering in 1965 from the University of Wyoming, and an M.S. in Civil Engineering in 1979 from Colorado State University. He retired from the U.S. Geological Survey in 1996 after a 31-year career conducting and managing a variety of water-related projects. Since then, he has worked as a consulting engineer. Mr. Lowham has authored numerous scientific publications and has experience in a wide range of hydrologic topics including data collection, flood hydrology, streamflow modeling, channel stability, and erosion. His goal is to conduct useful high-quality engineering studies that address water-related problems.




Mr. Loyka is an engineer in training with two years of experience. He received his B.S. in Mining and Minerals Engineering from Virginia Tech. He has experience in a diverse array of projects including reservoir permitting, drag line quality control, residential and commercial site design and all phases of medium and short range surface mine production planning. He has experience surveying with a variety of techniques and is proficient at drafting in Civil3D and Vulcan software. Justin joined Lowham Walsh in 2015 and assists with surveying, design, and drafting phases on projects in the civil, environmental, and extraction fields.






Ms. McCallister received her B.S. in Rangeland Ecology and Watershed Management, in the fall of 2015 from the University of Wyoming. She joined Lowham Walsh in February of 2016 as a Staff Environmental Scientist and acting Administrative Assistant. Ellen’s experience includes livestock, wildlife habitat, and watershed management as well as reclamation & restoration ecology, and business management. She is trained to identify plants and classify soils and is skilled at conducting vegetation transect data. More specifically she has installed and removed erosion control BMPs, conducted plant specimen surveys, created seed mixes, and implemented restorative seeding practices within rangeland ecosystems. Ellen also has experience in creating Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans, Pesticide Use Plans, and managing chemical inventories. 





 Ms. Newman received her B.A. in Environmental Studies/Conservation Biology from Middlebury College and M.S. in Biology from the University of Denver. Cindy has fourteen years of experience in the environmental field. She conducts field surveys in a variety of ecosystems and prepares biological, soil, and water resource reports within the renewable and traditional energy, mining, and transportation sectors in accordance with federal and state regulations. Her background includes leading field teams for wetland and waterway delineations and permitting, data management, project management, and consultation with regulatory agencies. Cindy is also experienced preparing human health and ecological risk assessments, including evaluation of potential exposure risk to humans and wildlife from contaminated soil, sediment, surface water, and groundwater. Joining Lowham Walsh in 2015, Cindy brings her broad experience as an ecologist to the Lander office.





Ms. Sawyer is a senior scientist with a degree in Range Management / Arid Land Ecology from Utah State University. With over 17 years of consulting and 11 years of environmental education experience, Marit’s work history includes mine and infrastructure development (powerline, pipeline, and power storage facilities) including baseline environmental data gathering, state permitting, and federal NEPA document preparation. At the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality, Marit inspected mines, reviewed permits, and evaluated reclamation surety bond calculations for the Land Quality Division. Joining the Lowham Walsh team in 2012, Marit manages mine and pipeline projects in Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, and California for private mine development and mid-stream gas clients.



Mr. Smith is a licensed professional geologist in Wyoming with a B.S. in Geology from Saint Louis University.  He joined Lowham Walsh in 2013.  Kyle’s background includes project management, field reconnaissance, data acquisition, technical data analysis and interpretation, subcontractor oversight, and health and safety management.  He has worked closely with regulatory authorities, oil and gas clients, construction and drilling contractors, and the general public on a variety of projects that include environmental site characterization and monitoring, emergency spill response, baseline water quality initiatives, construction management and materials testing, and regulatory compliance inspections.  




Mr. Strike is a structural geologist with over fourteen years of managing technical civil and environmental projects as a private consultant in Wyoming. Joining Lowham Engineering in 2000, Andy performed all aspects of water management planning for approximately 2,000 earthen reservoirs in the Powder River Basin, including survey technician work, drafting, design, permitting, construction management and testing. In 2005, he became operations manager of the Lander office. Appointed General Manager of Lowham Walsh LLC in 2010, Andy is responsible for day-to-day operations, contract administration, and client contact. He also performs project management for a multitude of ongoing contracts including: reservoir design and permitting, irrigation infrastructure analysis, geotechnical investigation, and abandoned mine land reclamation. He is also a board member of the Wyoming Water Association and the Lander Economic Development Association.